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The National Allotment Society is supported by a network of volunteers who are passionate about allotments and gardening and the grow your own movement. 

The organisation works with government at national and local levels, other organisations, and landlords to provide, promote and preserve allotments for all. The NAS offers support, guidance, and advice to our members and those with an interest in allotment gardening. This mission is achieved in partnership with the volunteers that provide support, governance, and assistance to ensure the future of allotments throughout the UK.

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Volunteering at national shows

There are lots of ways that members can get involved as a volunteer and have a meaningful impact on the running and focus of the society. Not only is your contribution vital to the running of the NAS but this is an opportunity to have fun, learn and meet like minded people in your local area and further afield. See below for a brief description of voluntary roles available within the organisation.

Volunteering at national shows

National shows are a great way to raise the profile of the National Allotment Society and the work we do. As a volunteer you will help set up and run the NAS stand for an agreed period of time. This includes chatting to the general public and answering their allotment queries, handing out leaflets and magazines to interested attendees, talking about the benefits of being a NAS member and keeping the stand and surrounding area tidy and looking good.

Why should I volunteer?

National shows are fun and exciting with over 100,000 people attending over the duration. They give volunteers the opportunity to visit shows like Malvern and Gardeners World Live and see it from an exhibitor’s point of view. There is always some time for volunteers to visit other stands and take in the show and travel and some expenses are covered. Planning and growing for the show is also something that volunteers can be part of and gives people the opportunity to display some of their plants at a national show. Finally, this is a chance to meet other allotment holders and gardeners and share some of your knowledge. Speaking to other passionate horticulturalists is enjoyable and you may even learn something!

Volunteering at regional shows

Regional shows are usually smaller than their national counterparts. This gives the regional teams a chance to represent their local branch of the NAS at a show within their area. The responsibility of a volunteer at a regional show is similar to that of a national one but on a smaller scale.

Why should I volunteer?

This is a great opportunity to recruit new members and to explain what sort of activity your branch of the NAS gets up to locally. Volunteers at these shows can share regional growing tips and their knowledge of allotments in the area. This kind of advice isn’t always applicable to national shows and lends a personal touch to smaller shows. Volunteers have the chance to meet other members of regional associations and explore regional shows when they have some downtime. If you are considering volunteering at a larger show and have any nervousness, then a regional show can be a brilliant way to dip your toe before taking the plunge.


Become a regional rep

The NAS is run by a head office team in conjunction overseen by the management committee which is made up of regional representatives voted for by the region. With a wealth of allotment knowledge and a passion for maintaining the integrity of the organisation, these roles are vital to the society and give volunteers the chance to influence change in the allotment movement. Regional Reps can be nominated at any point during the year and make a wide variety of decisions.

Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering as a regional rep is rewarding and diverse. Reps meet new people, visit new sites, give advice, and have the chance to make a real difference to the allotment movement and the NAS. Regional reps attend events such as the company AGM, training and shows. This is an opportunity to participate in regular meetings and make decisions about how the society is run.    


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