Cauliflowers to wow

The humble cauliflower has bloomed. Once a soggy side at school dinners, this bland brassica is now the highlight of many an Instagram snap or hip restaurant menu. And whilst edible trends tend to come and go, the craze for cauli seems to be here to stay. 

In culinary terms, cauliflower is often treated as a blank canvas, partly because it is fairly flavourless on it’s own. This cruciferous vegetable has a tightly packed texture, lending itself to being served as vegan steaks, chopped as a rice alternative, deep fried as ‘cauliflower wings’ and let’s not forget the classic comforting cauliflower cheese. It's a versatile veg; useful raw in salads, puréed, mashed, grated, roasted and it freezes well. Don’t throw the stems – they are equally nutritious and can be used as a base for soup bases and in slaws.

Choosing the right variety

Cauliflowers have a reputation for being tricky to grow, but with the right planning, growing conditions and care, you can cultivate a cauli to rival any of those in the shops.

There are hundreds of varieties of cauliflower. A reliable variety is ‘All The Year Round’, one of the easiest to grow and can harvested from spring through to autumn. But to make the extra effort worthwhile, why not have a go at growing a stand-out variety?


5 cauliflowers to wow:

Graffiti F1
This variety has stunning deep purple cauliflower curds - perfect for adding colour to any summer or autumn dish. This variety is sweeter, nuttier and without the bitterness sometimes found in white cauliflower. The colour intensifies with exposure to light.
Sow February to May. Harvest July to October.

Boris F1
With an RHS award, this is an ideal summer or early autumn cauliflower with good size pure white curds. Ideal for exhibition and the kitchen. Can be sewn in October and ready in 85-90 days from sowing. Withstands all weather conditions and thrives in a range of soil types.
Sow January to May, or September to October, harvest June to October.    

Romanesco Veronica
Somewhere between cauliflower and broccoli, Romanescos have an eccentric shape and nutty taste. This organic hybrid has an RHS award and full flavoured green florets. It’s ideal for late summer and autumn harvesting.
Sow March to May, harvest September to October.

Green Trevi F1

This autumn variety has striking lime green curds and curled leaves. It has a fine, subtle flavour and stands in good condition for several weeks. Cauliflower cheese will never be the same again!
Sow April to May, harvest September to November.

Romanesco (Amoresco®) Amo 125 F1
A breeding breakthrough and new to the UK, this variety is the first orange Romanesco! It even retains its colour after cooking. The spears are more tender than ordinary cauliflower, is perfect for piccalilli, makes a tasty cauliflower cheese and is delicious eaten raw due to it’s delicious nutty flavour.
Sow May to June, harvest September to November.

Companion planting tip: Try growing cauliflowers with mint to deter flea beetles. Nasturtiums planted nearby will help to draw cabbage white butterflies away from your crop.

Bag your seeds

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